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Panther City Tee

At Morgan Mercantile we get simple ideas and then we make them happen. Fort Worth has seen a resurgance in a nickname given to the city by lawyer Robert E. Coward when writing an article for the Dallas Herald. Coward wrote about the decimation of Fort Worth's population because of economy failures, and then writing that the city had become such a drowsy place that he saw a panther asleep in the street by the courthouse.

Over time Panther City has transformed into the 16th largest city in the US becoming the furthest thing from drowsy. We boast world class museums, top rated cuisine, and a music and arts seen that is on the edge of exploding. With homage to our home and beloved city we have created the Panther City Tee. This a one-off, limited run is available in our shop; the super soft water base and discharge printed t-shirt will only get better with age and give pride to the city we love. 

Client Corner: Brooke Humphries

Building an empire is no easy feat, but yet Brooke Humphries makes it look easy. Conceptualizing not one, but a handful of successful businesses, Humphries is on the top of her game. She just opened Pints and Quarts, a self described "1950's burger stand serving up solid fast casual burgers and flat top dogs along with ice-cold beer and craft cocktails". Along with P's and Q's, she owns Barcadia, an arcade themed bar and restaurant with multiple locations; Mudsmith, an extremely cool coffee shop on Lower Greenville and soon to be expanding to Fort Worth; It'll Do Dance Club, an old Tejano club that now brings international DJ's as the premier dance spot in Dallas; and last but not least Beauty Bar Dallas, serving up manicures, cocktails, and housing the best Dj's in Dallas. Beauty Bar Dallas just celebrated their 5 Year Anniversary and we helped find the perfect process to bring the party in T-shirt form...Foil. Foil is a great way to make an already great design pop. To some it may be used as a bold process, but if executed correctly it can really bring a design to life. This simple, but beautiful process really shined for Beauty Bar Dallas. Congrats y'all!

Embroidery 101

Embroidery is the handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn. At Morgan Mercantile, we provide the highest quality embroidery guaranteed. We will digitize your design, provide a sew out, and make sure you are absolutely satisfied before we ever start on your project. Embroidery is a great way to take apparel and headwear to the next level. Below are some snapbacks we just produced for our friends at The Whiskey Garden and Shot:30.

Client Corner: Salsa Limon

Salsa Limon might be our favorite taco in town. We are lucky enough to get to work with Ramiro "Milo" Ramirez. He is a restauranteur, artist, and all around good guy. He has given us Salsa Limon- La Gran Plaza, Salsa Limon - Museo, and his newest spot Salsa Limon - Universidad. This quaint set up, is in a cozy location right across the street from Texas Christian University. The restaurant has all the same great touches of Salsa Limon - Museo, but adding some flare to a street with one of Texas' most prestigious private universities. If you haven't checked out Salsa Limon, do you self a favor and get there now!