Pints and Quarts

Client Corner: Brooke Humphries

Building an empire is no easy feat, but yet Brooke Humphries makes it look easy. Conceptualizing not one, but a handful of successful businesses, Humphries is on the top of her game. She just opened Pints and Quarts, a self described "1950's burger stand serving up solid fast casual burgers and flat top dogs along with ice-cold beer and craft cocktails". Along with P's and Q's, she owns Barcadia, an arcade themed bar and restaurant with multiple locations; Mudsmith, an extremely cool coffee shop on Lower Greenville and soon to be expanding to Fort Worth; It'll Do Dance Club, an old Tejano club that now brings international DJ's as the premier dance spot in Dallas; and last but not least Beauty Bar Dallas, serving up manicures, cocktails, and housing the best Dj's in Dallas. Beauty Bar Dallas just celebrated their 5 Year Anniversary and we helped find the perfect process to bring the party in T-shirt form...Foil. Foil is a great way to make an already great design pop. To some it may be used as a bold process, but if executed correctly it can really bring a design to life. This simple, but beautiful process really shined for Beauty Bar Dallas. Congrats y'all!